Bannergatta : Animals in the Wild!

This is a photo blog of some of the clicks at the popular Bannergatta Biological Park.

The Lion and the Camera
Spot the Crocodile!: You will not notice this reptile camouflaged in similar coloured background until you look closely…
The deer doing some mundane grazing. Peaceful.
The Slithering Stealthy Snake!


This crane basking in some well deserved sunshine.

Slippery customer: Not sure if this snake was napping or waiting to jump on someone from the top 🙂
Tortoise: Slow and steady wins the race
The Majestic Royal Bengal Tiger was just twisting and turning like a baby!
There is a butterfly park as well where you can read about a lot of facts related to them as well get some of them to pose for you…

Visit the website here to get more information.


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